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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Helping You to Make Your Servers Healthy

Today due to various advantages of the colocation process more and more companies are adopting the colocation process. By colocation you can put your server on a remotely located place with their bandwidth. It is being used by many companies who have a big website with very high traffic and visits. They put their machine on another location and use their bandwidth as it should be high in their case. Once their machine is organized they send it to the colocation service provider's place and place it into their racks. The service provider can also provide a server machine on rent if required. In case of a rented machine the client will be given bandwidth, IP and power.
With this the client can easily access the web site like it is provided by any hosting provider. Additionally if the clients want IT support with this the providers also have the option, this makes their offering distinct and beneficial. Server colocation process is majorly used by those business entrepreneurs and organizations that are trying to get their website up to a next level on which they are. It includes high number of hits and they want to save their money which they give to the hosting provider. Colocation gives the advantage of having a nicely built location equipped with advanced tools and technicians to handle the issues better. They have a quick backup facility also if required by the clients. The power backup is also available there to manage the power failure problems if the electric supply fails. These entire things make the server management process of the colocation provider strong and productive. The best part of having this service is that we get a more secure and reliable storage location that may not be possible at our office locations. Another thing is the security that is the major concern of every organization that whether their business data is safe or not. These providers have better solutions to protect our business data than that of our own. But there is a limitation is into taking access to upgrade the server or any software. It means it is difficult to access the server physically in that case you have to go direct to the colocation place. Another case it that when moving to another distant location that is very far away from the service provider the servers should be moved also otherwise give them to the provider with a maintenance service. Annant Panday is working as a Digital Marketing Executive in ProVal Technologies. It is providing Noc Services and Business IT support to its clients and work as their own IT department. It gives a free and relaxing atmosphere by taking charge of the technical issues proactively.

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