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Thursday, February 16, 2012

How To Tell If Your Computer Repair Technician Is Fibbing to You

What do you do when your friends tell you that you are sending emails that have caused their computer to act funny? I will bet your own machine is running funny. You never intend to send emails to your contact list with bad things in them. If you are smart you would probably take that machine into a repair facility to check out what is making that computer run weird or you have someone come to your home to look at it. If this is your situation I can guarantee that when they tell you that you have a virus they are right. How can you tell when they try to up sell you for more improvements,
say that your machine needs an upgrade, more memory or worst yet an new computer?
I will explain to you if what they are telling you, a memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) upgrade or a new computer is really necessary.

If you will hit the following key stokes on your keyboard "Ctrl, Alt, Delete" and hold them down until the computer screen looks different. You will see a menu, go to the "start task manager". When you open up the task manager click on the "performance tab" and you will see some graphical things. (These instructions are only for computers running the Windows 7 operating system.) If you see something different from what I explain, then you may have a different version of Windows, but do not fear, we have a solution for you.
What do the graphics mean? You see "cpu" and "memory" correct? It is on the left side of this screen. Leave this window open and go to Start, Control Panel, System, and look at the installed memory (RAM), write down how much system memory you have. Go back to the task manger window you left open. If the graphical bar in memory goes over the number you wrote down, then in all likelihood you do need an upgrade to your memory. An example of this is if you see that the number you wrote down is say 4GB and the bar is going over the 4GB then you need more memory.

In this same window, performance tab in the task manager, if you see that th
e "cpu" in the window is hovering around 100% then your computer may not be capable of running as efficiently as it should. What I mean by this is that your processor may not be able to process all the operations you have running and performance is being hampered. In this case a new computer may be in order.

If these tips sound like ridiculous computer "geek speak", then you are in luck.
A majority of the things a computer repair shop will do to your machine to get it back to running better can be done by you in the comfort of your own home, without having to be without your computer. If your computer is so damaged by malicious software obtained by your innocent actions that you to have to take that computer into a computer repair facility, at least you can competently speak with the technician as to what you have done to try to fix this problem. You can be armed with the knowledge that will save you some time and money.
Computer Repair And Maintenance Made Easy, cramme.net, has simple and easy to follow tutorials that anyone, including you, can follow. These tutorials show exactly how to find out if your computer is capable of handling all the processes or programs you use all the time. In addition to this these tutorials show you how to perform normal computer hygiene.

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