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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S - Their Differences

When the iPhone 4S came out with the same form factor as its predecessor the iPhone, a lot of people were astonished. The latest iPhone received mixed reactions from the public. Many were dismayed as they were expecting a bigger screen on the 4S. There are also others who felt that the few changes in the phone's specs were enough to keep Apple with its Android and Windows Phone competitors. We all know that this is not Apple's first attempt to stick with their old and famous design. The same happened with the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G.

Let us now talk about the phone's design. If you look at the two handsets, you will notice that almost everything on its outer appearance is the same. This is even true with the phone's dimensions (115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm), the only difference is that the latest handset from Apple is a bit heavier than its predecessor. It now weighs at 140 grams while the other one is only at 137 grams. The two differs slightly due to the placement of the buttons. The buttons of the 4S are raised a bit compared to its predecessor. It is that hard to tell the 4S from its predecessor this if you are looking at them from a distance.

Let us now talk about the camera. The phone's physical appearance may not be that different but Apple made sure that the latest iPhone is better than its predecessor. This is most especially true if you check out the phone's innards. One of the biggest upgrade is the phone's camera. The older model uses a 5MP camera while the latest one is equipped with a whopping 8MP camera. Also, the addition of the new 1080p on the handset is a welcomed change. The phone's photo and video resolutions are now made better. This is all thanks to the phone's 5 element lens.

The said lens totes an aperture of f/2.4 and is backed up by the new CMOS sensor with backside illumination. It also comes with a new Hybrid IR filter for a more realistic color rendering. You will end up with snappy and accurate colors at all times. You will also enjoy videos in 1080p and in full HD.
Let's now move on to the Software. The latest iOS5 contains tons of new features. But the good news is, iPhone 4 users shouldn't feel that bad at all. This is of course with the exception of the now famous Siri. But then again, all of the iOS5 features can also be found on the 4th generation iPhone. The only difference is that the 4S is packed with a faster and snappier A5 chip for its processor.
These are just some of the differences between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

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